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Guidelines and Basic Rules

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Guidelines and Basic Rules Empty Guidelines and Basic Rules

Post  Alex-aka-Heph on Tue May 17, 2011 8:32 pm

Guidelines and Basic Rules

I. Stay Active: Real life is far more important, so take care of it. But if you need to be off for a while, please let me know.

II. Contributions: Please contribute your maximum daily contribution to the league tech we're focusing on during a particular time period. There is a “bigger picture” involved. Some techs are tied to the weekly activity – in order to help you. These techs will provide long-term benefits. Other techs, such as league level, provide a one-time reward. Both are nice, and we will do both. But the objective is to achieve long-term gain and benefit.

III. Assigned Farm and Mine Plots: Trying to co-ordinate resources based upon the city plot you happen to land on is not a tenable proposition – until level 100 areas (meaning those cities after max. lvl 80 cities), which I'll explain in a moment. The “assigning” system favours some, while disadvantaging others. So there are no “assigned” spaces at level 80 and below cities. Two obvious reasons: it is difficult enough to get an entire league to co-operate with such a system, and even more difficult to get an entire faction to do so. It does not save troops or divs because of these reasons. (I'll get to hoarding below.)

However, there are other reasons why it doesn't make sense to “assign” spots before level 100 areas. In level 80 and below cities, the relocation cool-down is 24 hours. And in below level 100 areas, players are located in those cities for some time. Perhaps weeks. It, therefore, makes little sense to restrict player's resources to the spot they happen to land on when relocating. Batheo is an international game, with all time zones covered. Everyone has the opportunity to have top farms at mines at various times.

In level 100 areas it is a different matter. There are many more cities involved; the relocation cool-down is 3 hours (not 24 hours); by that point everyone has 2 farms (if not before), and there is strategy involved in where we move and why. This could mean moving to several different cities in the same day, for strategic purposes. (We'll have a separate section for level 100 strategy.) So in level 100 areas, it makes sense to say: take the farm according to the city spot you land on, and the one adjacent to it. But it doesn't make sense and is not necessary before level 100 areas. So, again, for lvl 80 and below cities, there are no “assigned” spots. Which brings up hoarding...

IV. Hoarding: Just don't do it. (Not yet.) I will ask the other Zeusian league hosts to co- operate. Again, hoarding isn't a viable feature at this point. It was added by the developers as a “risk-reward” feature, but has proven to be of greater harm than benefit. And “assigning spaces” does not make hoarding any more viable. So just do not hoard – for now. As people progress in levels and we can achieve greater faction co-operation, it is something we'll work on as a league and as a faction, and it will become something we can do with greater understanding. The game worked fine without it before it was added, so you'll be just fine without it for a while. Not hoarding, for now, will be one less thing to cause league and faction misunderstandings. There will be a time for it. That time is not just now.

V. General Comportment: Please keep all mail and chat clean – whatever chat channel you're on. If being a good sport or being ladies and gentlemen about things aren't good enough reasons, then keep in mind that batheo has started banning players - for a few days or even permanently - for foul and abusive chat (and mail). There are players who make a family event out of batheo – children may play with their parents or watch them play (which I think is great!). So keep this in mind, as well.

As for good sportsmanship, please be good sports toward your league-mates and other leagues – regardless of what faction they're in. Congratulate winners and take losses as learning experiences. If someone wishes to make a fool of him/herself via mail or chat – for example, as might be seen in world chat around Farm and Area battle times, just don't engage them. Let them look foolish. This is a game. It's not your job or real life. We aren't curing diseases or solving world problems, and the fate of the planet does not rest in our batheo hands.

The bottom line, however, is this: poor sportsmanship and harassing, insulting, rude and abusive behavior (of any kind) - in mail, in chat, in league, in faction, or on the server in general will not be tolerated. It takes the fun out of the game for others. And batheo member services will do something about it, if necessary.

VI. Helping league and faction members: Think of league as “family”, and think of the Zeus faction as your “neighbourhood”. Both league and faction are important – particularly for level 100 area strategy. So spend a few div each day helping others. This doesn't mean to stop your own progress. Just help others out a few times every day, and they'll be there to help you when you need it. It makes the league and the faction stronger.

VII. Silver Mine Wrestle: It's something we enjoy every batheo summer, so please look at the 2 maps posted on this site, read the notes, and get familiar with the rules and co-ordinate system. I'll send the same to other Zeusian hosts. We're getting there, so be patient with people still trying to learn their way around SMW.

VIII. League and Faction Battles: Please participate in Farm and Area battles whenever possible. The time zone differences can be difficult for some, but do the best you can. Launching area battles, winning them or avoiding them, as well as strategic city investing and not losing PVP battles in certain cities, are a few things that play an important part of level 100 strategy. So start a good habit by participating in league/ faction battles whenever you can.)

That's it for the moment. Check back regularly for updates. And use the nice forum website that has been created for us.

Have fun! Thanks. ~Heph


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