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The Hero Stats

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The Hero Stats Empty The Hero Stats

Post  RLsoldier on Sun Feb 06, 2011 2:05 am

When you look at a hero there are three stats you see, Valor, Sprit, and Element. Each has different uses and affects different things.

Valor affects both the damage dealt and the damage taken from regular attacks. It also affects the damage on certain BM's (such as Thetis' and Richard's Armored charge attack). You will want you tanks to have high valor ratings as it will allow them to absorb more damage.

Spirit affects the damage your hero's BM does, all BM's. No BM does anything but spirit damage unless it is stated in the description. It also affect the damage you take from BM. This is useful stat not just for heroes who you want to deal high BM damage (Herc, Conan, Belle, Paris etc.) but also those support units you place in the back which can only be hit from BM attacks.

Element affects the damage you give and receive from elemental attacks. It also affects the amount healed by healers such as Asclepius. This is necessary for mages but also quite a useful stat in general as it reduces the damage you take from mages who are able to bypass such abilities such as Rally. It is also the only protection you get from elemental attacks (besides the tech) as no equipment gives element shield.


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