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Tips on Drachmas

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Tips on Drachmas  Empty Tips on Drachmas

Post  RLsoldier on Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:23 am

1. Farmland: Seize a farmland and harvest Crops. Sell them in Market when you need Drachmas.

2. Silver Mine: Silver Mines are located in the first few zones of area. Seize one to acquire Drachmas.

3. Market: The Crop Price floats between 0.5 and 2.0 in Market. Sell high and buy low. You’d better buy the Crops in Black Market when the price is around 0.5.

4. Farm: Join a powerful league and harvest the league crops. Sell the Crops when needed.

5. League: Join a league and more league technologies will be available. League technologies like Military Order and Camel increase the amount of Drachmas in levy and trade.

6. Sell the top quality equipment gained from NPCs: The equipment dropped from Elite Legions can be sold at a high price. Paris Legion and Minotaur Legion always drop high-quality weapons. Keep attacking them.

7. Caravans: Caravans is open when your Assembly is upgraded to Lv 41. Sending or receiving Caravans give you plentiful Drachmas every day.

8. Daily Quests: When you are Lv 40, you can finish Daily Quests in Quest panel. The more difficult the quests you finish, the more Laurels and magic books you can receive. Sell the magic books to get more Drachmas.

9. VIP Items: You can acquire Drachmas by selling the items bought from VIP Shop. The items in VIP Shop are refreshed at 22:00 server time every day.

10. Levy: Each Levy brings you certain Drachmas. So try your best to use up the levy quota.

11. Extra Levy: Applying Extra Levy 2 or 3 times per day might bring you surprise. In addition to Drachmas, you may have chance to gain 10 Gold as Extra Levy bonus. If you are a VIP member, keep applying Extra Levy to gain more Drachmas. Please note that City Loyalty should remain 80 or above.

12. Daily Salary: Do remember to get your Daily Salary in Assembly.

13. Activity: There are some activities on a daily basis in Batheo. The sooner you race to the top ranking, the more Drachmas you will get. Remember to claim the rewards every day.

14. Colonization: Colonize a gamer and receive his Drachmas contribution every day.

15. Silver Mine Wrestle: The wrestle starts at 11:00 to 12:00 every Summer after Year 185. Grab as many Drachmas as you can!

16. Refining: Alchemical Lab will appear when your Assembly is upgraded to Lv 82. The stones produced in Alchemical Lab grant you bountiful Drachmas.

17. Commission: When you are Lv 51, you can commission a merchant to get high-quality mount or cloak for free once a day. Sell them when you lack Drachmas.

18. Armor and Cloak: Quality armor or cloak with high defense reduces loss in battle and thus saves you more Crops when recruiting troops.

19. Asclepius: Asclepius is the hero who replenishes troop loss in battle. Recruit him and reduce troop loss.

20. Technology: The higher level the technology, the fewer troop loss in battle.


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