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Intro To Beginning Characters

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Intro To Beginning Characters Empty Intro To Beginning Characters

Post  RLsoldier on Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:17 am

1. Augustus
Valor: 52
Spirit: 80
Element: 48
Troop: Golden Cavalry
Battle Magic: Soul-taking Arrows
As Golden Cavalry is a kind of troop with high mobility, Augustus is good at dodge, block and critical strike. Soul-taking Arrows inflicts great valor and spirit hit (physical and magic damage) to a single target. With Dancer’s inspiration, Augustus’ attack power is greatly increased in battle.

2. Richard I
Valor: 47
Spirit: 59
Element: 74
Troop: Crossbow Cavalry
Battle Magic: Armored Charge Attack
The hero with Armored Charge Attack deals both valor and spirit damage to the enemy. If you select Richard I as your first hero, do remember to equip him with both mount and weapon, which strengthens his spirit hit and valor hit.

3. Robin Hood
Valor: 74
Spirit: 57
Element: 49
Troop: Soul Hunter
Battle Magic: Morale Suppression
The hero with Morale Suppression is able to lower enemies’ morale. But confronted with elementalist or mechanical troops, Morale Suppression doesn’t work. You can select Robin Hood to deal with the magic troops.

4. Kratos
Valor: 76
Spirit: 50
Element: 54
Troop: Hammer Phalanx
Battle Magic: Rally
Kratos is skilled in valor and spirit defense by virtue of his battle magic Rally. When he is filled with morale, any hit, except for Element Hit, deals 1 point damage on him. He is a good tank at the early stage. You can replace Kratos with Achilles, another hero with Rally.

5. Beowulf
Valor: 79
Spirit: 49
Element: 52
Troop: Snowfield Warrior
Battle Magic: Nocturnal Blitzkrieg
With Nocturnal Blitzkrieg Beowulf can turn one troop’s morale to 0. Snowfield Warrior is good at Dodge and Valor Hit (physical attack), but weak in defense.

6. Atelante
Valor: 43
Spirit: 77
Element: 60
Troop: Flaming Cavalry
Battle Magic: Strike in Line
Atelante attacks enemies transversely due to her battle magic, Strike in Line, which is especially useful to fight against Boar’s Head and Testudo. However, most of the NPCs are lined longitudinally. You can strategically put Atelante in the formation when necessary.

7. Orianthi
Valor: 52
Spirit: 57
Element: 71
Troop: Snowguard Archer
Battle Magic: All-round Ambuscade
The battle magic All-round Ambuscade enables Orianthi to put the frontal enemy into chaos and disable the troops in one round. When selecting Orianthi as your first hero, do remember to equip her with a high level mount to increase her spirit hit (magic attack).

8. Conan
Valor: 63
Spirit: 45
Element: 72
Troop: Phoenix
Battle Magic: All-out Onslaught
Conan is a defensive hero due to his troop type Phoenix. You can deploy him as a tank in the front of formation. When equipped with a high level mount, Conan is able to deal great damage to all the enemies.


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