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FAQ - All questions relating to heroes

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FAQ - All questions relating to heroes Empty FAQ - All questions relating to heroes

Post  Goldmember on Tue May 17, 2011 1:32 pm

Q: How/When do I get my 4th hero?

A: Assembly Level 25, Academy Level 25, Formation Level 5, Prestige Level M1 - 100 Prestige points.

Q: How/When do I get my 5th hero?

A: Assembly Level 50, Academy Level 50, Formation Level 10, Prestige Level M9 - 15000 Prestige points.

Q: Which formation should I use?

A: Formation choice is dependent upon several factors. You should choose the formation that best compliments your heroes strengths but at the same time allows you position your heroes to do the most effective damage to the enemy. For example if you use a BM heroes then Boar's Head, increase in spirit damage, is the obvious choice for your formation. But lets assume the enemy has a great blocker in the front position. Then there is now a high chance that your BM attack may be blocked. This might require you to switch to a different formation to allow your BM hero to bypass the blocker. The best advice that I always hear is to look at previous battle reports against the enemy and see what is working for people with a setup similar to yours. There is no right formation choice, just some may be more effective than others.

Q: Which heroes need a mount equipped?

A: Only heroes who have a BM attack need mounts. Just look at your heroes and equip mounts on the ones who have BM.

Q: What does renascencing my hero do?

A: Renascencing a hero increase the heroes base troop grade. Troop grade refers the amount of faculty and quality of the troops the hero starts at level 1 with. Normally a hero starts level 1 with troop grade (G1)1. After a hero is renascenced his troop grade will be increased. The maximum troop grade increase is 9 levels.

Q: How/When should I renascence my heroes?

A: The renascnece option appears on the Evolutions page of your training ground. You should renascence your heroes the first time when they reach level 51. Make sure to always have the Assembly 9 levels higher than the level of the hero you are renning. After a hero has been renned he will be back to level 1. Do not remove any equips from a renned hero after he has been renned, otherwise you must wait til he levels back up before he can requip them. Even though the hero is level 1 the equips that he has are still usable by him as long as they remain equipped on him. The next level for renning that hero will appear on the evolutions page in the Training Ground interface. Be sure to check there and see what level he can be renned at next so you are prepared for the next renning.

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