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The Battle Magic

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The Battle Magic Empty The Battle Magic

Post  RLsoldier on Sun Feb 06, 2011 2:09 am

Battle Magic or BM is a major part of determining what hero to use. A Bm is used when the morale of a hero reaches 100. It increases by 1/3 each hit you deal/take. Certain troops are also able to raise morale. Battle Magics fall into 4 categories: Single-Target, Line, Area of Effect and Support

Single Target: These Bm's deal the most damage hands down. They can one-hit a target easily regardless of the spirit shield. However as the name states they hit only a single player. They are best used from the back lines where you can take the time to pick off your opponents heroes one by one.

Line: This group of BM's attack players in a line either horizontally or vertical. As far as damage goes it does about half the damage of the single target to each target but can hit up to three targets at a time.

Area of Effect: This Group attack all your opponents players on the map. It deal significant less damage than single target, about 1/4th but hits up to 5 targets at a time.

Support: My personal favorite of the group. These BM's not only deal damage but have secondary effect. Some set of the Rally condition (Rally), Some Stun (All-Around Ambush), some heal the attacking unit (Mutiny Outbreak), some restore or remove Morale (Morale Absorption/Nocturnal Blitzkreig). All do damage along the lines of the # of targets they hit however they do a little less damage than BM's that just do damage.


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