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Tips on how to build efficiently

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Tips on how to build efficiently Empty Tips on how to build efficiently

Post  Smog on Sat May 21, 2011 9:19 am

Build time is not the same throughout the day. This means you can be most efficient by building certain buildings at certain times.

1. Upgrade assembly, training ground, and academy and other buildings with very long build times immediately after reset (20:00) when builders work the fastest.

2. Work on buildings with the shortest build time closer to reset - cottages etc.

3. Try to time buildings so that they finish near to reset time so you can start over with buildings requiring long build times. Never start a building with several hrs of build time just before reset - you are wasting valuable build time.

4. You can make build time stacking hold out to your schedule by combining long builds and short builds on one builder.
a. 2hr + 2hr = 4hr (when u can be online to keep adding to the q)
b. 2hr + 4hr = 6hr (leave for work and check in at lunch)
c. 1hr + 7hr = 8hr (overnight build)


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