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Post  RLsoldier on Sun Feb 06, 2011 2:11 am

Equipments are a major part of getting stronger. A player with lower levels but stronger equipment will invariably win out over a higher level player with better equipments. There are 6 types of equipments

Weapon- Increases Valor Hit, upgrading it will increase the damage you deal on regular attack.

Armor- Increases Valor Shield, upgrading it will reduce the damage you take from regular attacks.

Horse- Increases Spirit Hit, upgrading it will increase the amount of damage your BM's do.

Cloak- Increases Spirit Shield, Upgrading with reduce the damage you take from BM's

Book- Increases Element Hit, Upgrading will increase the damage you mages/healers deal/heal

Horn- Increases faculty, you faculty is the units HP. All equips give 4 faculty per level but horns give much larger boosts.

In addition the 6 types of equipments there are 6 levels for each: White, Blue, Green, Lime/Yellow, Red and Purple. Each type will give a bigger bonus but also cost more to enhance


Enhancing your equipment will make it stronger. There are two things to know when enhancing: The Psyche Gauge, and the Cost of the Enhancement

The Psyche Gauge

The Psyche Gauge comes into play once you get past level 10. Until level 10 the Psyche Gauge remains at 100%. Afterward the Psyche Gauge changes every half hour going from 100% to about 20%. Next to the Percent is either the word UP or DOWN. This is not a prediction of what it is going to do next but rather a statement of which direction the Gauge last went. The percentage of the Psyche gauge states the success rate for enhancing for the next half hour. Enhance when it is high and ignore it when it is low.

Cost Of Enhancements

Each enhancement cost an amount of drachmas if you succeed. If you fail you receive a percentage of the drachmas back (not exactly sure what that percentage is based on but will post it as soon as I do.)

The cost of enhancement depends on what you are enhancing and its color. Purples are more expensive than red which are more than limes etc. The price of each item increases by a set amount each time depending on its grade. To demonstrate this I will use the Blue Weapon Endless Regret (100% completion reward for Trojan War)

At G1/1 Endless regret costs 150 drachmas. That is the base cost and the one that each consecutive enhancement is based off. Each time you upgrade the Endless regret while the Grade is G1 it will cost 150 more drachmas than the previous one.

However once you get the Endless Regret to G2 the enhancement cost starts to increase by 300. At G3 the enhancement cost increase by 450. As you can see a pattern is occurring. The enhancement cost increases by the Base Amount (or amount for the first enhancement) * the Grade Level of the Item. This holds true except in a few cases (between levels 8-9 of a grade) where the cost difference for that level doubles.

As I learn them I will post the various types of equipments and there base costs here, here is a partial List

Equipment Type ------------Base Cost


White ---- 90
Blue ---- 150
Green ---- 240
Yellow ---- 390
Red ---- ?
Purple ---- 900


White ---- 48
Blue ---- 80
Green ---- 128
Yellow ---- 234
Red ---- ?
Purple ----?


White ---- 140
Blue ---- 245
Green ---- 350
Yellow ---- 525
Red ---- 700
Purple ---- ?


White ---- 60
Blue ---- 100
Green ---- 160
Yellow ---- 260
Red ---- ?
Purple ---- ?


White ---- 120
Blue ---- ?
Green ---- 320
Yellow ---- 520
Red ---- ?
Purple ---- ?


White ---- 150
Blue ---- 250
Green ---- 400
Yellow ---- 650
Red ---- ?
Purple ---- ?


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