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Post  RLsoldier on Sun Feb 06, 2011 2:16 am

Each building has a specific function here are the ones below.

Cottages: Raising the Cottage will increase your daily Drachmas levy. They are cheap and quick to build. You receive a total of 10 cottages.

Training Ground - Upgrading the Training ground will increase the amount of experience the heroes receive each hour. There are 6 parts to the training ground screen.

Training - This screen allows you to decide what heroes you would like to train as well as using laurel/transcendence to speed up their training. The amount of experience you will receive for a fast track is one hours worth of experience at the normal level. Other modes obtainable with gold allow your heroes to receive a greater percentage of that amount (120, 150 etc.). You begin the game with 1 training space and may use gold (50,100,200, 500, 1000, 2000 etc) to purchase additional ones.

Equipment - This screen allows to you attach equipment in your chest to your heroes as well as remove equipment on them.

Recruitables - This screen shows all the heroes you are able to recruit. When you click on a hero a screen will pop up showing the heroes stats, troop type and BM as well as the recruiting price.

Formation - Here is where you may set up your heroes for formation. In order to deploy a hero you click on the hero you wish to deploy then click on the spot you wish to deploy him. To undeploy a hero, click on the hero and press undeploy. You may also dismiss a hero from this screen. Dismissed heroes will retain their level but all equipments will go into the chest, if the chest doesn't have enough room you cannot dismiss the hero.

Technology - We will talk more about in the Academy section.

Evolution - This is where you can wash your heroes to give them added bonuses to their stats. You may use Laurels or gold to do so. Also once a hero reaches 51 you may use the Renascence feature. This resets the hero back to one, without removing his equipments, but gives him a higher troop grade.

The Shop - The Shop is where you manage your equipment. The level of the shop affects the maximum level of equipment you may enhance or buy. It has 5 panels

Chest - This is where your equipments are stored. You begin with 5 slots but may use gold to buy more. If you chest is full you may not buy equipment or unequip equipment. However you may still commission and receive equipment in drops. When this occurs the item will appear in the chest are with a yellow clock on the left side. You have three days to claim the equipment or sell it. If you make room in your chest the equipment is not automatically placed in the chest you must manually claim it by clicking on the claim button.

Shop - This is where you may buy beginning equipment (white) of different levels. You may only buy equipment that is lower or equal to your shop level. Higher level equipment unlocks as your Shop level increases.

VIP Shop - Sells Colored Horns. More horns become available as your shop level increases. However the maximum level of the horn you can buy is based on your Assembly level.

Enhancement - See Section 2 Equipment

Commission - Allows you to spend drachmas to get a random chance as a set of horses/cloaks. Each dealer has a chance (20% or so) to unlock the higher level dealer.

Dealer - Cost

Regular Horse Dealer - 8000
Mid Level - 11000
Senior - 25000
Superior - 40000

Regular Cloak - 10000
Mid Level - 13000
Senior - 30000
Superior - 60000

Silver Vault- Stores your drachmas. The higher this level the more drachmas you can store.

Granary - Stores your grain. The higher this is the more grain you will be able to store.

Market - Allows you to buy and sell grain. The price of grain fluctuates between .5 drachmas per grain to 2 drachmas per grain. Buy low and sell high. You have a set quota per market level that refreshes each day at 0000 server time. However when you upgrade the market a new quota refreshes.

Barracks - Stores your reserve troops. You use grain to recruit troops. You are also given 10 volunteer quotas a day. These quota give you a set number of troops based on your barracks level. The Barracks also dictates the maximum number of reserve troops you can hold at a time.

Tax Office - This increases the levy amount by about double what each cottage upgrade gives.

Mint - Increases the chances of getting 10 gold when you levy. While the increase chance is small the reward is still well worth the drachmas it takes to upgrade this building.

Trading Post - Similar to the Market The trading post gives you a set amount of caravans which you may send to player around you to receive bonus drachmas. When you send a caravan bear in mind that the receiving player must accept in order for you to receive the drachmas. Colonies accept automatically. Both receiving and sending gives you drachmas. The number of caravans you can receive and send reset at 2000 each day. You may send only one set of caravans to each player however that factor resets at 0000 as well as 2000. Each Trading post level breaks down the caravans into 4 sendings with amount of total caravans increasing by one each time you build a new level. The amount of caravans you can receive is equal to 2 times the amount you can send. Whereas the caravans you can send reset each time you upgrade the building the amount you can receive does not.

Treasury - This affects the drachmas thats each caravan nets you. As you increase this building the amount of drachmas you receive both from sending and receiving increase.

Alchemy Lab - I know very little about this but Batheo recently put out a guide on it here:

The Academy - The Academy is where you train your technologies. Your technologies break down into 3 categories.

Basic Technologies - These technologies are affect the hit and shield of the three attribute types as well as Hornblowing. The maximum level for these technologies are equal to your Academy Level.

Advanced Technologies - You get these starting at level 40 Academy. The maximum level of these technologies is equal to your Assembly level divided by 2 rounded down. These technologies affect different aspects of the game such as laurels received and troop return.

Formations - These are the formations you are able to use. Their maximum level is equal to your assembly level divided by 5 round down. At level 2 formation you are able to deploy three heroes, at level 5 you can deploy 4 and at level 10 you can deploy 5 heroes.

List of Technologies


Blacksmithing - Upgrade Valor Hit by 10
Hornblowing - Upgrade Faculty by 10
Armorforging - Upgrade Valor Shield by 7
Magic Penetration - Upgrade Spirit Hit by 25
Magic Resistance - Upgrade Sprit Shield by 18
Elemental Penetration - Upgrade Elemental Hit by 12
Elemental Resistance - Upgrade Elemental Shield by 8


Semaphoring - Upgrade Faculty by 20
Declaration of War - Upgrade Laurel gain by 1%
First Aid - Return troops after battles
Elixer - Reduces overall damage taken during battle
Supplying - Returns troop during? battle (not sure on this one)
???? - Increases chance of destroying building when attacking.


Testudo - Increases Block Chance
Lochoi - Increases Valor Hit
Boar's Head - Increases Spirit Hit
Crescent - Increases Critical hit Chance
Inverted Wedge - Increases Dodge Chance
Gramarye - Increases Element Hit
Padmavyuha - Increase Counter Strike chance
Skein - Increases Valor Shield, Spirit Shield, Element Shield


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