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The Building Strategy

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The Building Strategy Empty The Building Strategy

Post  RLsoldier on Sun Feb 06, 2011 2:19 am

Basic Strategy

1) Always keep your training ground as close to the level of your assembly as possible. The training ground should be leveled before you level any other buildings.

2) If you plan on leveling cottage/tax office/mint during the day always hold a portion of your levies in reserve for the end of the day so you can net more drachmas from them.

3) Do not level your Trading Post/ Market until you have used up all the quota for the previous level. Remember once your Market/Trading Post hits the level of your assembly you only get to use the quota once a day.

4) Silver Vault/Granary/Shop are low importance buildings. Since for the most part you use drachmas up as fast as you make them the silver vault should be no higher than you absolutely need. Same Goes with the granary. Since the Level of the shop only affects the the maximum level of your enhancing and the level of equipment you can BUY, it is also low priority. I'm not saying you shouldn't level these, you should just after you've leveled everything else.

The Three Schools of Thought
There are three broad strategies for building your city up. These are: Rush method, Equality Method and Hybrid Method. I will discuss each method as well as the pro's and cons of them.

The Rush Method

In this method you level your assembly up to the area maximum first, followed by your Training Ground (so your heroes level up faster) Than as your Heroes are catching up to the new level limit, you level the rest of your buildings and technologies.

Pros - You get the benefits of higher Assembly fastest, more drachmas from silver mine wrestle more prestige from area battles, more contribution to league/contribution from league battles, grain from league farms etc. You also look stronger than you are which often deters players looking for PvP. You unlock Assembly level specific things fastest such as Aide, Commission, Free Commission, Daily Quests etc. You are also able to use 3,4,5 heroes in formation faster. Last your heroes will level faster as the training ground is higher to level them with.

Cons - Laurel Prizes from Expeditions decrease quickly. If you are attacked you are much weaker than your level suggests. The negative effects of the Assembly occur more quickly, such as laurel expenditure for washes and fast track and inspiration becoming more expensive.

The Equality Method

In the equality method you level everything equally. Once your buildings and Techs are at the level of your assembly you level the assembly.

Pros - Your heroes are at the level of your assembly making you just as stronger than your level suggests. Also you receive more laurels from the expeditions you complete. Your laurel expenditure in area/league battle decreases as well as the laurel cost of washing/fast tracking heroes.

Cons - Your heroes receive less experience as your Training Ground is lower. You also receive less prestige/contribution from area/league battles as well as less silver from the silver mine wrestle. You also unlock Assembly level specific thing later as well the ability to use 3,4,5 heroes in formation.

The Hybrid Method

This is a combination of the two above methods. It also takes into consideration certain Assembly milestones. The basic strategy is this. You level your assembly by 5-10 level at a time. Then you wait for every thing to catch up. However make sure you stop and wait for things to catch up at these levels.

1) Level 15 - After this level you begin to lose troops based on the troops you lose.

2) Level 35 - After this you begin to lose divinity when you lose battles.

3) If you are leveling up by increments of 5 make sure you stop at 51 not 50 at 51 you get a free commission that will net you good items or a few extra k worth of drachmas.

4) Level 85 - At this point you get a second training which makes renascence more effective, but more on that later.

This is a basic overview of the building strategies. The next section is where we get into battles strategies of various kinds.


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