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Equipping your Hero

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Equipping your Hero Empty Equipping your Hero

Post  RLsoldier on Sun Feb 06, 2011 2:21 am

This starts the section on strategy. In this section (or sections) I will be discussing various aspects of formation, heroes and other such things. So to get the ball rolling.

Equipping your Hero

One of the most common questions I'm asked is "What should I give (Hero Name)"

So I decided to put together this guide. I will break this down by equipment type and state what types of hero should receive that equipment in what order of priority.

Horses (BM attacking heros only)

Highest Priority - Heroes with the following B.M's

All Out Onslaught
Strike In Line
Strike In Column
Soul Taking Arrows
Sally Outburst
Phantom Attack
Crash and Burn
Sacred Stardust
Angel's Wings

Second Highest Priority - Heroes with the following B.M.'s

Nocturnal Blitzkreig
Morale Absorption
All Out Ambush
Mutiny Outbreak
Sneak Raid
Armored Charge Attack

Third Highest Priority - Heroes with the Following B.M.'s

Morale Suppression
Pandora's Curse

Lowest Priority - Heroes without a B.M. such as seige weapons mages, healer buglers, dancers etc. (only use to store mounts)

Weapons (Mech and valor heros)

Highest Priority - Machine troop type characters except for Cyclopes' Armored Chariot

Second Highest Priority -

Any one with troop specialty of critical strike.
Any one with a troop specialty of Valor Hit. (Check the troop type link in the first post)

Lowest Priority - The rest of your Valor attackers starting with the highest Valor stat first.


Highest Priority - Healers, Mages

Lowest Priority - Everyone else (use for storage)

Armor (most underrated item)

Highest Priority-
Put strongest armor on the 3 front line heros
Healers (if healers are dead then they can't heal)
Whatever heros you want to last the longest.

Cloaks (Most Important for pvp)

Main attackers

Horns (when maxed after all other items leveled it will set you apart from others)

No real Priorities here I would give your best horn (if you have one) to you strongest attacker the second to your tank. The rest don't matter.


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