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Basic Equipment Guide for New Players

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Basic Equipment Guide for New Players Empty Basic Equipment Guide for New Players

Post  Goldmember on Mon May 16, 2011 9:16 pm

It seems like everyday I run into someone that has a mount on every hero. So I am creating this post to help these people understand how to equip each of their heroes. This will be just a very basic guide and will work for any beginning player to help get them through the early maps.

I classify the heroes into 4 basic types: Battle Magic (BM) heroes, Machine (Mech) heroes, Mages, and Support heroes.

Battle Magic Heroes: These heroes all have some type of special battle magic that is cast only when their troop morale is at or above 100. There several different types of Battle Magic (BM) and the type of BM will determine wether a high quality mount should be equipped to deliver the maximum Spirit damage.

Machine Heroes: The Mech heroes deliver Valor damage attacks and require no morale boosts. These guys rely on having quality weapons to boost their attack damage.

Mages: Mages do Elemental damage and also do not require any morale boosts to be effective. The Book is what is used to boost the mages elemental damage.

Support Heroes: These heroes are your healers, dancers, and buglers. These heroes are not capable of doing any damage, they are used as support for your other heroes. Dancers boost 1 single heroes morale to 100, but has a chance to fail. Buglers boost all BM heroes morale by 34 points and they also steal 5 morale from every enemy BM hero. Healers obviously have a chance to heal some of your troops each turn. The amount of their heals is affected by the elemental hit stat and therefore a good Book will help increase their healing abilities.

Lets talk equipment now. All heroes regardless of type should have good cloaks and armor. Some people say you should put priority on better cloaks first and others will say better armor first. My own personal feeling is that you should focus on improving front line hero armor first, and then focus on your rear hero cloaks. The reason I recommend this is because the front line heroes will absorb any valor damage attacks and live longer allowing your rear heroes to fire their attacks for an extra turn or more. This is true for almost every NPC battle, for PvP battles though you will often be bombarded with Spirit damage in the first turn. Ultimately in the end you want to have good cloaks and armor on all heroes.

Mounts should only be equipped on BM heroes, and only on BM heroes that have offensive BM. Heroes that use Rally for example do not require a mount. Do not equip a mount on a hero just because it looks pretty. Smile The drachmas used to purchase and upgrade that mount are much better spent on other equips or to level the main BM heroes mount.

Weapons should be equipped on all BM and Mech heroes. Mech heroes should be quipped with your best weapon. I like to equip BM heroes with a weapon just for the extra damage thay can do when they aren't casting their BM attack.

Books should be used on all mages and healers. This is the primary source of their damage increases. Give them your books. Books are not needed on any other heroes.

Horns can be used by all heroes, but early on your drachmas/gold are better spent elsewhere. Work towards horns later in the game when your main equips are established.

So in summary, every hero gets cloak and armor, best weapon to mech hero, best mount to BM hero, books to healers and mages.

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